SIP termination

12 geo-diverse global PoPs.
Fully redundant TDM architecture.
Quality A-Z routes for resellers.
Asterisk wholesale termination.
High capacity and premium quality.

DID numbers

55+ countries covered.
Toll-free 800 service with LNP.
Up to 500 channels.
Starts at $0.12 per month.
PSTN or SIP forwarding.

Business VoIP

Premium callcenter termination.
Strict QoS for sales industry.
Custom high capacity trunks.
TDM direct, CLI-assured routes. Australia, Asia, S.Africa, EU PoPs.

More features
Country Peering facility DID coverage Channels Outbound SIP?
UK Telehouse London All cities +0800 up to 500/DID YES, CLI
US/Canada 1 Wilshire, 60 Hudson 85% NANPA and 1800 free upgrades YES, CLI
Australia Equinix SY1 Metro cities and 1800 unlimited YES, CLI
Netherlands NL-IX, Equinix AM1 90% geographic up to 100 YES, CLI
Germany Telehouse Frankfurt 100% geographic restricted YES, CLI
Per month
Inbound per min
120 channels

DID numbers from Tier1 carriers

Our vendors supply the highest-performing VoIP origination at fraction of the cost. Delivered to local data center IP edge - never looping through the continents.

The DID Logic Exchange quality difference:

Enterprise-grade - certified vendors deliver their inbound virtual number capacity over local links. Meets all the corporate security standards and can be delivered over private 1 Gbit/s switch ports. You can terminate outbound voice on the same circuits using native CLI.

Local RTP media - audio part of the call (RTP media) is always from the vendor DC in your region. UK DIDs originate in London and all routing remains in-country. In Asia Pacific, all DID RTP is local and voice path has 2-25 ms latency. Same in all US/Canada locations.

Global footprint - DID Logic owns and operates hardware with fiber cross connects in New York, Los Angeles, Stockholm, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Sydney, Hong Kong and Singapore. The network peers at major exchanges such as NL-IX and Equinix.

The Exchange ecosystem - sellers and buyers from over 50 countries trade VoIP capacity at our Exchange.

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CLECs and ISTPs:
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  • - simple SIP URL-based interconnect
  • - collect monthly payments on your DIDs
  • - no monthly fee and no other charges
  • - we do all your billing and customer issues to us
  • - leave security and compliance issues to us
  • - fast, efficient DID management interface
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Selection title

  • News-and-updates-icon-honest-pricing

    Honest pricing

    Granular per-minute rates with breakouts. We break down each country by network, long distance zone and access type. Most destinations are several times cheaper than Skype.
  • News-and-updates-icon-under-the-hood

    Under the hood

    Ruby on Rails backend. Distributed architecture with no single point of failure. Intuitive, easy to navigate DID management interface
  • News-and-updates-icon-all-sip

    All SIP devices supported

    You can use any hardware ATA like Linksys or Siemens, any popular IP-PBX like Asterisk, Freeswitch, 3CX, Cisco, or any sotphone like X-lite or Linphone.
  • News-and-updates-icon-its-fast

    It's fast

    We made sure our SIP service has the best pings, almost no jitter and very few hops from almost any corner of the world. Your calls will be crystal-clear, always — with lowest latency.
  • News-and-updates-icon-its-secure

    It's secure

    For billing, personal information, account and DID control pages, we use full-time HTTPS with 256-bit encryption. Our True BusinessID Extended Validation certificate is validated by GeoTrust.